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Legal Agreements for Small Business

Every business needs them... but they can be expensive and time consuming to produce. Fortunately, that need not be the case!

Agreements and contracts are the bedrock of business relationships. They define the parameters and the obligations of both parties. However, in many scenarios those agreements are relatively standard, with the same framework, clauses and content.

Consequently, it can be FAR more cost effective to procure a template rather than re-invent the whell (and risk serious ommision or error).

The web site offers a series of such agreements, all of which are downloadable on purchase. They can subsequently be edited and printed as required... a genuine quality assurance and time saving solution.

Our stock of contracts and agreements is growing rapidly. See below for our current range:

There is no doubt that confidentiality is a necessity of modern business. Protection of information can often mean the difference between success anf failure.

To protect itself, therefore, businesses should employ 'non-disclosure' or confidentiality agreements where appropriate. A confidentiality agreement' is a simple protective mechanism used to ensure that a third party treats your data with diligence and care.

This item provides a simple, straight forward draft for a confidentiality agreement, covering all the basic issues.

The basis of an outsourcing arrangement is of course the contract. This specifically defines the obligations on both parties.

This document forms a blue-print for a flexible and working outsourcing contract. It forms part of the highly acclaimed 'Outsourcing Toolkit', which at just $199 represents outstanding value.

The myriad of policies and contracts required by employers can sometimes prove to be daunting. These span a wide range of topics and issues, many of which are mandatory.

This pack is intended lighten this burden. It contains an: Employment Contract, Disciplinary Procedure, Grievance Procedure, Harassment Policy, Computer Policy, Maternity Policy, Paternity Policy, Parental Leave Policy and an Equal Opportunities Policy.

Service level agreements are now fundamental to business relationships. They determine the parameters of understanding between the service provider and the recipient.

Ensuring that the agreement is therefore accurate, complete and specifies exactly what is required is therefore essential.

This item not only provides a detailed template on which to bease your SLA, but includes a comprehensive guide to help you populate it.

We will be adding further agreements to this portal very soon.

 Obtaining The Agreements

Having purchased your agreement/contract from the above selection, it will be made available via a download location, or emailed directly. You will then be free to tailor as needed, and to print the finished article for business use.



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